If you are reading this today then…

…you shouldn’t be, because it’s Christmas Day!

This post is published for two reasons. The first is to illustrate what we already know – just how addicted we all are to the instant connectivity provided by our smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, games consoles, and so on. That connectivity is a powerful and positive thing, but so is the personal discipline of being able to go a day or so without using it! Do you have that discipline? If you’re reading this today – Christmas Day – then challenge yourself with that simple question! (In case you’re wondering, the Badger has agreed with his family not to use a smart phone, tablet, laptop etc for the next 48 hours. Posting this item was, of course, the special dispensation that started that clock ticking).

The second reason is simple. It’s to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. For the Badger Christmas is a time to cherish the thing that matters most – people. The Badger hopes you have a restive few days away from the hubbub of work, and time with loved ones to celebrate in whatever way is normal for you.

Happy Christmas. Peace and goodwill to all, wherever you are on our precious planet.


One thought on “If you are reading this today then…

  1. Excellent and timely reminder to one and all that our hands should be used to meet and greet our friends and family and to those we don’t know, to say ‘Hello – how are you?’

    Technology is all around us and gives us all access to all of the things we never new we needed. Life without tech for 48hrs will be hard for some people – I have no doubt that it will however provide opportunities to both make new and renew old friendships.

    Got to go now Steve, my eSiR email mountain is growing 🙂


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