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‘An organisation succeeds when its staff are proud to work for it; you can’t tell people to be proud of what they do – they have to feel it!’

This is the People category of Nuggets. People are complex, fickle, culturally diverse, and have a wide variety of skills, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and egos!  People are at the heart of any organisation or business, and success is normally the result of the collective  endeavour of people rather than one individual.

Everyone has an ego. Some people have bigger egos than others, which can sometimes make the journey to personal and organisational success harder than it should be. The first nugget, therefore, that permeates the whole People category is ‘never assume a person’s ego equates to their having extensive knowledge or capability’.  Indeed, always remember Albert Einstein’s famous quotation:

“Ego=1/Knowledge. More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego.

When you read the nuggets in this category interpret them in the People context that is relevant to your specific situation. The nuggets align with the “Simple knowledge; simply conveyed” ethos and those currently available are:



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