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‘Technology is nothing. What matters is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools they’ll do wonderful things with them’ – Steve Jobs

This is the Information Technology (IT) category of Nuggets.

IT is at the heart of every enterprise, the way the modern world works, and indeed our personal lives. It’s a diverse and fast moving subject and industry whose scope ranges from the bespoke software development to outsourcing and consulting. The pace of change is high and driven by the perpetual need of enterprises to remain efficient and competitive, by technological developments that disrupt traditional ways of doing things, and by consumer demand in today’s global,  highly mobile, ‘always on’ lifestyle. In the IT industry it’s essential to think and act both locally and globally.

So it’s a broad topic! IT businesses range from the provision of consultancy and professional services, through software and product development, systems integration, and outsourcing – or some combination of all of these. However, there’s one key nugget that permeates everything, namely, ‘never procrastinate’In this industry successful enterprises  require speedy but controlled decision making to avoid being left behind. ‘Debate, decide, do’ processes need to be as short as possible, and success requires good people, excellent business, management and technical/engineering discipline, and the proactive and effective management of risk. 

When you read the nuggets, which align with the Information Badger’s “Simple knowledge; simply conveyed” ethos, interpret them in the IT context relevant to your specific situation. The knowledge nuggets currently available are: 


Managing the Client

Project Management

Service Management

Transition, Transformation & Exit




Delivery – Signs of distress

Delivery – Resolving distress

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