Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…

Craftsmen have passed their knowledge and skills to the next generation to grow the ‘oaks’ of the future for centuries, but that doesn’t mean those receiving the knowledge avoid making the same mistakes as their predecessors. Why? Because people are just that, people not robots. People have different personalities, different beliefs, different cultural, social and life backgrounds, different strengths, weaknesses, and intellects, and different ways of absorbing knowledge. The Information Badger’s experience has been that the people who tend to grow speedily into ‘oaks’ in their chosen field are open-minded, creative problem solvers, swift learners from their own mistakes and those of others, and inherent absorbers of new knowledge everyday of their lives. Indeed, psychology research suggests that a life-long learning ethos is good for your career, your health, your wealth, your self-esteem and your quality of life.

So how does this relate to the Information Badger website? It’s simple really. Craftsmen never lose their knowledge, skills and wisdom, their desire to learn new things, or their motivation to pass knowledge on to others. Time moves on and the world changes, of course, but the learnings from experience often remain applicable and relevant across generations. Today’s internet and social media make it easier than ever before to share   learning points in a very accessible way that allows others to judge for themselves its value to their own work and the development of their own wisdom in their chosen field. The Information Badger website contributes knowledge based on this premise.

The world is in the throes of a fast-moving industrial revolution with information at its heart, and sharing and capitalising on knowledge from a broad experience base is vitally important. The three primary motives behind the Information Badger site are therefore simple and straightforward. The first is to reinforce Albert Einstein’s point that ‘The only source of knowledge is experience’ by contributing some experience-centred learning points to the global knowledge base for general consumption. The second is to encourage everyone to share their experience-centred learning points with the widest possible audience, regardless of the medium or approach used to achieve this.  The final motive is simply to encourage readers to always listen and learn from others, adopt an open-minded, life-long attitude to learning, and to think of themselves as the craftsmen who should ultimately also pass their own knowledge to the next generation.

Welcome to the Information Badger!


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